New Site & Discord Design


Hello Community Players!

With good news comes great change. Site shines bright and dims throughout the hide in the golden state.

Central Gaming Network has re-introduced verison two of our user-friendly website. This change was made to give our community a clean and hot look and, we mean it, a HOT look. Because who doesn’t wanna look scorching hot? So here we are!

We now re-introduced our main website which will enable users to view important announcements with a click of a button, and, have easier access to information. During the process, our Community Forums has undergone a domain change to as a result icons, images, and uploads will take roughly 48 hours to reset fully. We are aware of current issues and everything should come back to normal.

We have also changed our Community Discord layout and that’s a whole load of pickles, go on the discord and look for yourself. Our Community Development Team made our Community Discord more appealing and structured. More Information about Central Gaming Network services, staff applications and information about whitelisted guilds have been updated to suit the needs of the player base.

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Many Thanks,
¬ Community Administration Team