Minecraft Central Needs Community Testers


Hello Community Players!

The Central Gaming Network is hiring a bunch of lucky fellas to become its Community Feedback Team for Minecraft Central.

Community Testers are the fundamentals of our network progression and as such we will be hiring five Community Testers to support our Community Development Team on many Minecraft projects.

How to become a Community Tester
There are two ways to become part of the Community Feedback Team. The first method of becoming a Community Tester is by purchasing a donator rank on the prisontech.buycraft.net store. After you have successfully purchased a Community Donator rank on the store head over to discord support channel and ask for your Community Donator Role. The second and easiest option is to message one of those fancy Community Administrators and inform them about your interest in being part of the Community Feedback Team. Please note, option two is only limited when Central Gaming Network requires additional Community Testers.

Community Feedback Team Responsibilities
As a Community Tester, you will be given early access to upcoming content for all MC Projects which you will be able to voluntarily test and provide feedback and data on the added content.

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Many Thanks,
¬ Community Administration Team